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Housing prices have fallen sharply in Kharkov

Ukraine (, - Apartment prices have collapsed in Kharkov, city residents who decide to move to another region of Ukraine or abroad are selling housing at a discount of up to 50%, writes the publication “” with reference to Kharkov realtors .

As the publication notes, a realtor who left for Britain, whose agency continues to work in Kharkov, said on TikTok that “there has never been such a deep crisis in the Kharkov real estate market,” while prices are “breaking the bottom,” falling by 50%.

“People sell so cheaply only with the understanding that they have decided not to return to Kharkov, and are building their lives in another region of Ukraine or abroad. Those who have not made this decision are not yet ready to concede with a (discount) minus 50%,” she said.

According to her, apartments in the city are bought by people “who live even further east of Kharkov,” residents of the suburbs and the Kharkov region “migrate” to the city, where, thanks to falling prices, they can buy housing at half the market price.

“At the same time, Kharkiv residents rarely buy from Kharkiv residents,” she added.

As writes, local realtors say that the supply of apartments for sale is increasing every day; many want to urgently sell their housing in the city. For this reason, they do not rule out that prices for apartments in Kharkov will continue to decline.

Housing prices have fallen sharply in Kharkov