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Popular Twitch streamers get bans for streaming TV shows

Popular streamers on Twitch have started getting bans for streaming TV shows, movies and TV shows. After a large number of complaints from copyright holders, the platform began to closely monitor compliance with copyright law in the digital age.

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Until recently, streamers could watch TV shows and films with their audience and share their impressions. After the growing popularity of such broadcasts, some streamers began to turn their channels into streaming sites for pirated content - they made the schedule of films and broadcast them full screen without their direct participation. Such channels began to raise questions from copyright holders. In response, Twitch began to block such broadcasts and their organizers, but popular streamers also fell under the distribution.

So last week, streamer pokimane was banned for 48 hours. The girl watched the animated series "Avatar: The Legend of Aang" with subscribers for 6 hours, and then received a block, which she told about on Twitter. Disguised Toast streamer was banned for a month for watching Death Note. At the same time, Disguised Toast was blocked in the midst of the broadcast, the streamer joked and said that the administration was acting so swiftly that it could not wait 20 minutes until the end of the episode.

Popular Twitch streamers are concerned about the platform's policies and believe that it is necessary to distinguish between pirated and entertainment broadcasts. The streamer xQc, who was banned in the summer of 2021 for watching the broadcast of the Olympic Games, said that Twitch severely restricts users in the choice of ways to entertain and interact with the audience, and constant DMCA restrictions are destroying popular show formats.

Popular Twitch streamers get bans for streaming TV shows