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Tesla recalls nearly 600,000 vehicles in the US

Tesla is recalling 578,607 electric vehicles in the US market as pedestrians may not hear the warning sound of an approaching electric vehicle due to loud music or other sounds played by the Boombox feature.

Tesla is under scrutiny from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Over the past four months, the electric vehicle maker has announced 10 product recalls in the US. There is no record of any accidents, injuries or deaths related to the warning signal issue that prompted the latest recall, he said.

Tesla is recalling the Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3 made in 2020-2022 because the machines' Boombox feature allows sounds to be played through an external speaker while driving, which can mask the sound of a pedestrian alert. According to the NHTSA, this is a violation of the federal vehicle safety standard for minimum sound requirements for electric vehicles.

Tesla will perform an over-the-air software update that will disable the Boombox feature when the vehicle is in Drive, Neutral and Reverse modes.

Electric vehicles are often less audible at low speeds than gasoline vehicles. Under US regulations, automakers must add sounds to electric vehicles when they are moving at speeds up to 30 km/h to prevent pedestrians from being hit. If the speed exceeds a specified threshold, natural tire noise, wind noise and other factors eliminate the need for warning sounds.

Tesla recalls nearly 600,000 vehicles in the US