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Apple recorded user conversations without their knowledge

As practice shows, Apple does not always strictly comply with its own rules regarding transparency and protecting user privacy.

It turned out that Apple recorded, stored and viewed user interactions with the Siri voice assistant. And did it without the knowledge of users. ZDNet reports that there is a bug in iOS 15 that causes "Siri and Dictation Enhancements" to turn on even for those who previously disabled the feature in Settings.

For a while, users remained in the dark, while silently collecting recordings of conversations with Siri. How many users were victims of the situation, the company chose not to voice. Such actions contradict his statements about Apple's transparency and openness to its customers. In addition to fixing the bug, the company has added a tooltip notifying users to update their iPhones.

After updating your iPhone to iOS 15.4 (while the firmware is being tested), you'll be asked if you'd like to help improve Siri and dictation by allowing Apple to view recordings of voice interactions. If you opt out, your voice interactions with Siri or the voice dictation tool on your iPhone will no longer be recorded and shared with Apple.

According to the latest data, Apple will release the official version of iOS 15.4 on March 8 during the spring press conference, which will introduce the iPhone SE3 smartphones and the iPad Air 5 tablet.

Apple recorded user conversations without their knowledge