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Ads appear in Snapchat Stories

The team of the popular messenger Snapchat announced the launch of a new way to make money for content creators in test mode.

The platform began testing on a small number of "star" Snapchat authors from the United States the launch of ads in the middle of the clips of "Stories". A wider launch of the feature is expected in the coming months.

The authors of commercials that include ads will receive their share of the profits. The company says the revenue share is based on a formula that takes into account metrics such as post frequency and engagement.

At the moment, ads are only added to Snap Stars videos - celebrity creators or public figures with a large number of followers who have been verified by the Snapchat team and awarded a gold star.

In recent years, various monetization methods for creators have emerged on Snapchat. For example, ads are already being shown with might and main between the Stories videos, as well as in the Discover section. However, up to now, the authors have not received a share of the advertising revenue in Stories.

Ads appear in Snapchat Stories