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The head of Valve personally delivered the first ordered Steam Deck to customers in the United States near the company's office and even gave them away

A Reddit user said that Valve CEO Gabe Newell personally brought home the compact Steam Deck game console he bought on February 25. The owner of the console made a pre-order for the device one of the first.

On February 25, Valve began the first Steam Deck sales.

Some buyers who live in the suburbs of Seattle, where the company is located, may have met with an unusual Valve courier on February 26.

It was personally the head of the company, Gabe Newell. He was in a Valve uniform delivering the first packages from the Steam Deck. A film crew was with him. They rode around in an inconspicuous van. There was also a Steam Deck warehouse that Newell delivered. As it turned out, there was more than necessary according to the delivery documents.

It is noteworthy that Newell was not limited to just delivery. He gave away more Steam Deck consoles to anyone who was still in the house at the delivery address if friends of the recipients of the console asked for it.

After the distribution of gifts, the head of Valve asked everyone to write to him by mail if they have any wishes or feedback on the Steam Deck.

The console case even has Newell's signature on it.

Some users simply received such a prefix as a gift from Newell.

On July 15, 2021, Valve introduced the compact Steam Deck game console with an AMD bbabo.netU based on Zen 2 (4c/8t) and RDNA 2 (8 RDNA with two compute units) microarchitectures. The console runs on a specially adapted version of SteamOS 3.0, which is based on Arch Linux with a KDE Plasma desktop. The console is also specifically designed to display all of the games in the Steam library at 800p at 30 frames per second. Three versions of the Steam Deck with 64GB/256GB/512GB storage will be priced at $399/$529/$649, respectively. All versions of the Steam Deck console have an M.2 2230 SSD slot, but Valve advises against upgrading.

Steam Deck dimensions (width, height, thickness) - 298x117x49 mm, weight about 669 grams, it has a 7" capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1280x800 (16:10 aspect ratio) and a built-in 40 Wh battery (up to 2 hours in 3D games offline or up to 8 hours when running 2D games or browsing in the browser).

Steam Deck is available for booking in some countries, Russia is not listed yet.

In early September, Valve opened the call for applications for Steam Deck devkits and said that it had created the Steam Deck bbabo.netI for developers to quickly optimize games.

On October 6, Valve published a Steam Deck breakdown. There you can change the control keys (sticks) and the internal drive.

In November, Valve warned of a delay in the release process of its Steam Deck gaming console to the market by at least another two months. The manufacturer cited problems with the supply of device components due to a shortage of the necessary materials and semiconductors as reasons. Valve also spoke about the AMD chip in Steam Deck and the speed of the console on different drives.

In early December, Valve showed the packaging of Steam Deck: it says that the console can be played in the subway, in the country, on a tree and in the toilet.

On December 11, Valve unveiled the look of an exclusive cover for the top version of the Steam Deck with 512 GB NVMe internal storage. In versions with 64 GB eMMC and 256 GB NVMe, the case is the same in terms of functionality, but simpler and without additional bonuses inside.

On January 14, 2022, Valve showed a photo of the testing process of the newly assembled Steam Deck.

On January 22, a tester showed that 10 peripheral devices can be connected to the Steam Deck devkit: six Bluetooth controllers, a Bluetooth speaker, a wired gamepad, a wired keyboard and mouse via a USB hub.

The first tests of Steam Deck showed its good performance and average battery life.

On February 12, Valve released CAD files of the topological surface of the Steam Deck case to the public. Now crafters, modifiers and accessory makers can 3D print the Steam Deck and evaluate it in their hands.

On February 15, Valve announced a partnership with iFixit to sell parts and accessories for the Steam Deck and Valve Index. As part of this event, iFixit did a full Steam Deck teardown and showed how well this compact gaming console is built and arranged. iFixit says it's an impressive repairability device.

On February 18, Valve revealed 117 Steam Deck prototype fragments, some with detachable handles similar to the Nintendo Switch.

On February 26, Valve first showed the appearance of a branded docking station for Steam Deck.

The head of Valve personally delivered the first ordered Steam Deck to customers in the United States near the company's office and even gave them away