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Can the earth be a sentient being?

On February 25, 2022, National Geographic Russia published a short article "Scientists believe that the Earth may be a reasonable being." I couldn't repost, so I'll quote in full.

Planet Earth may be a reasonable being - such a hypothesis was put forward by astrophysicists from the University of Rochester (New York, USA). They found signs on the planet that indicate that the Earth has personality traits similar to those of living organisms.

The scientists took the so-called Gaia hypothesis as the basis of their work, which was put forward back in 1970 by the British climatologist James Lovelock and the American microbiologist Lynn Margulis. According to this hypothesis, the Earth is a physiological system, and all life on the planet forms Gaia, a huge superorganism with a self-regulating mechanism.

According to astrophysicists from the University of Rochester, this "planetary" superorganism also has a mind. At the same time, modern human civilization is an immature technosphere, which cannot yet harmoniously interact with the planet. Humans have created systems and technologies that run on fossil fuel energy. However, the anthropogenic factor harms the seas and the Earth's atmosphere, and also leads to the extinction of species.

At the same time, the planet's biosphere, billions of years ago, developed a way to support life on its own, without human intervention. It is based on perfect mechanisms for the movement of nitrogen and the transfer of carbon. According to scientists, people have yet to figure out how to give their own technosphere the same unique properties.

In general, astrophysicists have divided the entire history of the Earth into four main stages.

The first of these is the immature biosphere that existed billions of years ago, when living organisms could not influence the atmosphere, hydrosphere, or other planetary systems.

The second stage is the mature biosphere, which formed 2.5 billion years ago. At that time, continents appeared, and oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere and the ozone layer appeared.

The third stage is the immature technosphere, the entire period of human existence known to us.

The fourth stage, according to American astrophysicists, should be a mature technosphere, to which one should strive. It will be in harmonious tandem with the biosphere and allow both to flourish.

However, no one knows yet how to reach the level of a mature technosphere. Therefore, according to experts, it is now important to find out what planetary intelligence is and what is its significance for the world.

Earlier it was reported about the study of environmentalists who discovered a sad trend: from year, people are increasingly consuming the planet's reserves. At the same time, the amount of renewable resources on Earth is limited.

Of course, most of the reasoning is reminiscent of the cry of the globalists about the "suffering planet".

And if you look at the version more broadly, and imagine that the entire biosphere is part of a "living organism"?

Perhaps humanity is not a parasite on the body of the planet, but the most important element of the universe, and the Earth does not suffer at all from an overabundance of population, but rather from the greed of the very "elite" that is actively promoting the green agenda for us.

It is worth noting that nearby on the same site you can read the news that in 2021 "Britain recognized crabs, octopuses and lobsters as intelligent creatures." ))))


Can the earth be a sentient being?