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Residents of the Skolkovo Foundation will provide developments for teaching medical students

Medical students will soon be able to test innovative solutions from Skolkovo resident companies. Recently, an agreement on cooperation between the Foundation and the Volga Research University (PIMU) was signed. At the first stage, students will get acquainted with the Habilect complex of the Skolkovo resident company of the same name. The technology will be used as a standard system for diagnostics and physical rehabilitation. Project details are under the cut.

Cooperation between Skolkovo and universities, of course, provides for acquaintance with a much larger number of projects. In addition to the one already mentioned above, there is another one, it is being implemented by the Sensomed company, a resident of Skolkovo. A new version of the smart glove software will be developed. The technology will allow patients to undergo rehabilitation, developing fine motor skills not only of the entire hand, but also of each finger. Also, in the process of clinical trials, specialists will study the effectiveness of the new complex.

Natalya Polushkina, Executive Director for Operations of the Biomedical Technology Cluster: “As a result of this cooperation, already in 2022, a number of startups of the Fund will be able to start pilot implementation and undergo a comprehensive approbation of their solutions at PIMU. Our members will conduct collaborative clinical trials and receive feedback from practitioners and patients to improve innovative products and technologies. In turn, students, faculty and medical staff of PIMU will have the opportunity to use innovative solutions developed by Skolkovo residents in their training and daily practice.”

Cooperation will allow the university to expand experience in the use of innovations. PIMU is included in the TOP-50 of all universities in Russia and the TOP-5 universities of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, is a participant in the National projects "Education", "Health", "Science", "Digital Economy" and "Demography". The Skolkovo Foundation will help in selecting the best technological solutions at the request of the university, as well as immerse students in modern trends in healthcare. As a result, new medical products will enter the global market faster and more efficiently.

Nikolai Karyakin, Rector of the Volga Research Medical University: “I have no doubt that cooperation with the Foundation in terms of joint educational projects, clinical trials of innovative products and technologies will significantly modernize the system of training doctors, make a significant contribution to solving the problem of staffing the healthcare sector, and maintain prestige Russian manufacturers, to promote the improvement of the quality and transfer of Russian advanced medical developments into practical medicine and thereby improve the quality of medical care provided to citizens. PIMU is the winner of the federal program "Priority 2030" on the track "Territorial and sectoral leadership" and I hope that fruitful cooperation with the Foundation will effectively develop and implement relevant strategic areas of development in the field of affordable rehabilitation, maintaining the mental health of children, applied oncology and regenerative medicine .

Residents of the Skolkovo Foundation will provide developments for teaching medical students