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March 10 - QAquality communication-5

"Quality Communication" has become one of our regular events. We gather experts from Alfa-Bank and our friendly companies who are ready to share their expertise, experience and interesting case studies with guests. Let's not forget about simple stories from the life of testers.

On March 10, we open a new season, meet QA-Quality Communication-5. This time, QA experts from Alfa-Bank, a test manager from OneTwoTrip and a business analyst from Test IT are participating. We will discuss issues of load testing, talk about why it is difficult without a sense of humor in QA, and talk about testing our new voice assistant.

As always, the meetup is free, but you need to register for it in advance so that we can send you a link to the broadcast (and then a recording if you don’t have time to watch everything online).

Meetup will be held from 19:00 to 21:15 Moscow time.


What about the load? Start in load testing (19:00 - 19:45)

Sergey Matveev, head of testing department, OneTwoTrip

The topic of systems performance sometimes finds many teams in an uncomfortable place. After this, the teams start thinking about aspects of performance testing and come to us with these questions. To testers. Has it happened? In his report, Sergey will tell you how to deal with such situations and where to dig in the right direction.

Testing the ALF Voice Assistant (19:45 – 20:30)

Roman Kudryavtsev and Maxim Nemchenko, QA, Alfa-Bank

About the foundation, skills and sense of humor

Let's demonstrate the power of the voice assistant, talk about the ways of its development and the main features.

About fuckups and tolerance

Let's share the pain we faced and how we managed to overcome it.

About the retrospective and new solutions

We will tell you how we tested it, what were the main problems and how to cope with super-tasks.

How to see through quality — reports and dashboards for QA (20:30 - 21:15)

Anton Drozdov, Business Analyst, Test IT

Let's talk about testing reporting, which reporting is necessary for a manual tester, which for an autotester, and which for a manager.

Take a look, it will be interesting.

March 10 - QAquality communication-5