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Sony to re-release Walkman for $1600

Sony is relaunching its line of dedicated Walkman music players. The price of the models will be from $1600 for the base and up to $3200 for the flagship.

The line targets the relatively niche market of those who want to listen to lossless audio formats. The latest models are equipped with high-quality components designed to "help you get the most out of your music," and Walkman devices support many so-called "lossless" audio formats.

Given the larger volume of lossless audio files, the new Walkman models also support additional storage via SD card slots. The $1,600 model has 128GB of internal storage, while the $3,200 model has 256GB.

The players are expected to hit the market in April this year.

Sony to re-release Walkman for $1600