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Digital platform MSP.RF offered domestic businesses a 50% discount on software

The MSP.RF digital platform has been operating for a long time. Over time, it develops and expands its capabilities. Now the platform plans to expand the number of online services again. Their number has increased to 112, and all of them are available to domestic businesses at a 50% discount. About the details of the proposal for domestic entrepreneurs - under the cut.

What do I need to get a discount and what kind of software?

First, about who can access the software for half the price - representatives of the platform said that any representative of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs, can leave an application for Russian software (software). True, there are several conditions - for example, to place an order, it is enough to be registered on the MSP.RF Digital Platform, and the company must be in the Unified Register of Small and Medium Enterprises. No additional documents are needed.

As for software, 28 Russian developers have already placed it on the platform, it covers a variety of areas: retail, household and hotel services, tourism, automotive and restaurant business, medicine, transport and logistics, construction, farming and others. For the convenience of users, the Digital Platform has a selection of the desired product according to the specified parameters. In the future, the list of providers and available programs will expand. The main condition for placement on the service is that the software must be completely Russian.

“The decision to provide a 50% discount on Russian software has become timely and in demand among entrepreneurs. Moreover, in the current conditions, this is actually an anti-crisis measure. The integration of this service into the Digital Platform makes purchasing programs at a discount more convenient and affordable. This will help small and medium-sized businesses increase their efficiency and reduce their costs,” said Alexander Isaevich, General Director of the SME Corporation.

Recall that the Digital Platform was created and is being developed in accordance with the national project to support entrepreneurship. It is supervised by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov. Currently, in addition to ordering software with a 50% discount, 11 more federal services are available on the Digital Platform. In addition, about fifty support measures were integrated into the SME.RF portal by regional authorities.

The program to support the digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses was launched in 2021. It allows you to buy cloud software from domestic manufacturers at half the price of their market price. Over the past year, under the program to support the digitalization of SMEs, entrepreneurs purchased about 100,000 licenses at a discount.

Digital platform MSP.RF offered domestic businesses a 50% discount on software