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Xbox Series X owner discovers a quick way to switch between games

A Reddit user shared a way to remap the Share key on an Xbox Series X/S controller to quickly switch between games. In total, three games or applications can be assigned to one key at once, and switching between them occurs almost instantly.

Back last month, Microsoft allowed the Share button to be remapped. Users now have the ability to open a list of achievements by pressing a key, go to the media control menu, turn off the sound and go to the chat window.

This week, Reddit user A-damn1988 discovered that Share can be set to quickly open up to three different games: one for single-tap, double-tap, and hold. Xbox Series X/S comes with a Quick Resume feature for instant switching without long loading times.

To set it up, you need to install the Xbox Accessories app and go to the My games & apps section. After that, a list of available remapping scripts will appear in the menu.

Netizens have already appreciated the find. Some gamers liked the new feature. They noted that they often wait for comrades in online games and at these moments one could quickly switch to plot projects or series. Others confidently stated that they would never use it, as extra keys are often touched during the game and constant random switching will only annoy more.

Xbox Series X owner discovers a quick way to switch between games