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Russia introduces mandatory registration of drones weighing over 150 g

The government has changed the accounting rules for civil unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones weighing over 150 g are now subject to registration. Prior to this, the minimum weight of a civilian drone to be registered was 250 g, and the maximum weight was 30 kg.

Starting March 19, owners of drones and quadcopters weighing more than 150 g must register them within 60 days after the entry into force of this decree. To do this, you need to submit an application to the Federal Air Transport Agency through public services or the portal for accounting for unmanned aircraft. You can also send an application by mail.

The new rules apply to both drones produced in Russia and imported into the country before the new rules came into effect.

The Aeronext association said that there were no objective grounds for expanding the rules, and that in itself it would bring a "huge negative effect."

They note that Russian companies developing the lightest UAVs for light shows will suffer in the short term. Typically, such shows use several thousand drones, and registering each of them is "tantamount to insanity." In addition, the new rule will affect educational processes using training drones, the organizers of which, under the current accounting rules, are already “experiencing significant difficulties.”

In Russia, mandatory UAV registration was introduced in September 2017. Buyers of drones must register them with the Federal Air Transport Agency within ten days after purchase or import into Russia. Permission is not required for those who plan to launch drones up to 150 meters from the ground, during daylight hours, outside restricted / control zones.

At that time, market participants opposed the new measure, saying that the registration procedure, including children's toys and aircraft models, would only complicate life for citizens, but "would not add security."

Russia introduces mandatory registration of drones weighing over 150 g