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Media: Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers who hacked NVIDIA and Microsoft turned out to be teenagers

According to Bloomberg and the BBC, at least two Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers who hacked into NVIDIA and Microsoft were teenagers from the UK and Brazil.

Security experts from Unit 221B and law enforcement agencies of the London Police analyzed the digital footprints left by the Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers and concluded that the group consists of several teenagers. During their hacking activities, they were able to earn about $ 14 million. Seven people, including a community organizer, a 16-year-old from Oxford, were detained and interviewed in this case.

Specialist Brian Krebs said in his blog that some of the information about the members of the group surfaced on the darknet after they quarreled among themselves and began to spread dirt on each other on the network. He found out that teenagers often used the nicknames breachbase, Oklaqq, WhiteDoxbin, and also transferred control of their Telegram channel and stolen resources between them.

The police did not disclose the details of the investigation and could not even arrest some of the suspects due to their age. They are released home. Parents of teenagers told the media that they were not aware of their activities and thought that they were playing computer games.

Currently, there is a notification in the hackers' telegram channel that they are unavailable until March 30th.

In late February, Lbbabo.netSU$ hacked into NVIDIA's internal network and copied over 1TB of the company's critical data, including drivers, circuits, firmware, and the algorithm for the RTX 30 hash limiter. They began to distribute part of the leak in the public domain.

In early March, Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers hacked into Samsung and stole at least 190 GB of the company's sensitive data, including sources and dumps of various security systems for the company's mobile devices. The hackers also hacked into Ubisoft during this period of time, but did not provide any details on this operation.

On March 22, Microsoft launched an investigation into an incident involving hacking into the company's closed private repositories and stealing part of the source codes for Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana services from there. Microsoft confirmed the fact that Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers penetrated part of the company's internal systems and said that the credentials of one company employee were compromised.

Media: Lbbabo.netSU$ hackers who hacked NVIDIA and Microsoft turned out to be teenagers