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Sberbank advises not to update software

Sberbank of Russia recommends refusing to update software in order to prevent infection of devices. According to the bank, cases of introducing provocative content into freely distributed software and libraries used in the development of such software have recently become more frequent.

Sber emphasizes that the use of this software will lead to infection of the IT infrastructure, as well as personal and corporate computers.

The bank urges developers to increase control over the use of source code, and ordinary users not to update the software. The structure recommends checking files downloaded from the Internet with antiviruses. When using third-party program code, it is necessary to examine its text manually or automatically, Sber notes.

Today the Central Bank of Russia added Sberbank to the list of information systems operators. This will allow the bank to issue digital financial assets and exchange them between consumers within its platforms.

Yesterday, Sberbank restricted transfers abroad through Sberbank Online in the form of cash. The money will be automatically returned to the sender's card on March 22.

Sberbank came under US sanctions on February 24. They were imposed in connection with the actions of Russia on the territory of Ukraine. On March 1, the United Kingdom joined the restrictions against the bank.

Sberbank advises not to update software