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Qrator Labs: intensity of DDoS attacks decreased in Russia

The founder of Qrator Labs, Alexander Lyamin, told RBC that from March 9-10, the intensity of DDoS attacks on companies began to decrease in Russia. The most complex and numerous such attack was recorded on March 7, involving more than 3.5 million devices.

According to Lyamin, mainly application-level attacks (Application Layer, L7) were observed, the traffic of which resembles the activity of ordinary users. At the same time, encrypted HTTPS traffic was used.

The expert notes that it is too early to talk about the final decline in attacks.

“If we look only at the number of repulsed attacks, we can really conclude that the peak was on February 23, 24 and 25, and now there seems to be a downward trend,” confirmed Alexander Gutnikov, cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab. According to him, over time, the nature of the attacks changed: “In the early days, we noted that a large number of users who did not have the competencies and tools for complex attacks, hacktivists, participated in the attacks simultaneously with professional attackers. Over time, their number has decreased, but they are still quite numerous. In addition, now there are mostly super-long attacks that last for days.”

The company "Rostelecom-Solar" pointed out that the main target of DDoS attacks are the resources of the authorities. During the period from March 7 to March 10, about 1,700 such attacks were made on one of the state portals. In the commercial segment, from March 1 to March 10, 1,100 DDoS attacks were recorded and repelled, which exceeded the figure for the entire February. Banks were most often attacked (over 450 times).

Lyamin says that the financial sector, the media, government and logistics services, as well as retail are now being actively attacked. As reported by the Chinese Xinhua agency, about 87% of all cyber attacks recorded by the Chinese authorities and committed by foreign hackers are directed to Russian sites.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced that it would support banks with foreign traffic filtering to combat the increased number of DDoS attacks. Measures are planned to filter traffic using special technical means.

Qrator Labs: intensity of DDoS attacks decreased in Russia