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Spotify stopped working in Russia

Last week, on April 7, 2022, Spotify announced that it had decided to leave the Russian market and set the exit date for April 11. Today, users from Russia cannot log into their accounts and complain about the deduction of funds already deposited for annual subscriptions.

Now on the official website of Spotify, users are greeted with a “stub” with information that from today the service has ceased its work in Russia and has disabled access to the collection of tracks for users. On the help page, representatives of the service do not give forecasts for the return of the service.

In addition, users cannot log in to their accounts on Spotify apps. If your login and password, the system will give an error and inform you can use the service abroad only for 14 days, and then you should change the region of permanent residence in the profile settings. But to switch the region, you must be in it.

Some netizens complain that they paid for an annual subscription to Spotify and now they can't use it. At the same time, the service support says that it cannot return the funds due to "difficulties in the operation of payment systems." Users demand from Spotify a full refund or the provision of services throughout the entire paid period.

Some users reported that they found the opportunity to use almost all the features of the service from Russia. Users began to switch to the Indian region using VPN. In India, Spotify has the widest range of features on its free plan. All Premium features are available to users in India, except for downloading tracks and very high sound quality. Ad inserts are also less common than in other regions.

Spotify stopped working in Russia