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Elon Musk calls much of Netflix's content unwatchable due to wok virus

Elon Musk commented on the loss of Netflix subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, saying that the wok-virus that hit Netflix has led to the fact that much of the content has become unwatchable.

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Wouk (from the English woke, “wake up”) is a term denoting increased attention to issues related to social, racial, sexual justice, liberal movements, feminism and LGBT activism.

Musk agreed with one of the subscribers, who stated that "the wok virus is the biggest threat to civilization." Another subscriber wrote: “This is not just about Netflix. Movies, video games, TV are all infected with a trend that was born out of fear of offending the green-haired freak next to the ban button. There is nothing original anymore, except for what comes from Japan or Korea. Musk replied, "That's true."

Although Musk is critical of Netflix, he has worked with the company. The Netflix documentary series Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space focuses on Musk's SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, while the documentary Return to Space focuses on Musk's SpaceX aerospace company.

Netflix this week said that inflation, the situation in Ukraine and fierce competition for the first time in more than 10 years led to the loss of subscribers. At the same time, Netflix predicts deeper losses.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke about plans to create a new version of the service with ads during a conversation with investors after the release of the financial report. Such a version may appearly as next year.