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The original Winamp skin will be sold as an NFT

Winamp will sell NFT the original skin of its media player, released in 1997. The auction will take place on the OpenSea platform from May 16 to May 22. After the main auction, the company organizes the sale of 1997 NFT based on 20 drawings inspired by the first Winamp skin. The proceeds will go to the Winamp Foundation, which promises to donate them to charitable music projects.

Winamp has asked artists to submit their work by April 15th. Those whose drawings are approved will receive 20% of the proceeds from each sale of their work as an NFT. Nineteen works will be sold in a circulation of 100 copies, one remaining - 97; the price for everyone will be the same - 0.08 Ethereum, or about $210. Artists will also receive 10% on subsequent resales of their work.

Winamp's head of business development, Thierry Ascares, explained that buyers will receive a token associated with either the original skin or one of the designs, which is a common practice for NFTs. Buyers will have the right to "copy, reproduce and publish" the image, but they will not own the copyright to it. The selected artists, in turn, will assign all rights to their work to Winamp.

Winamp, launched in 1997, was acquired by AOL in 1999 in 1999 and then, after a long decline, sold to online radio company Radionomy in 2014. Radionomy transformed it into a mobile audio app and announced a relaunch last year.

It was reported that the legendary media player will return under a new logo and from new developers under the control of the Radionomy Group. The latest version of Winamp 5.8 was released to the public by the developers of Radionomy in October 2018.

The original Winamp skin will be sold as an NFT