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Yandex Textbook and the Segalovich Foundation launched an Olympiad in Informatics for schoolchildren

Yandex announced the start of the Olympiad in Informatics based on the free digital platform for teaching basic school subjects Yandex Textbook. The event will start on March 17th. Pupils in grades 6-11 can take part in it. The project is supported by the Segalovich Foundation and the Alisa voice assistant team.

Yandex said that the Olympiad in Informatics will last from March 17 to May 7. You don't need to know how to program to participate. The company promises to give students the necessary knowledge during the passage of assignments.

The Olympics will be held in two stages. At the first stage, students will solve problems for logical thinking, programming Yandex.rover and writing code in Python.

The second stage of the Olympiad will be held in the form of an online hackathon, where schoolchildren, already in teams, will be able to practice their algorithmic thinking and decomposition. Participants of the competition will be asked to develop an idea and a project scenario for Alisa. Then they must implement their plans in the Aimylogic constructor.

Yandex promised that prizes await schoolchildren in each round, and for winning the hackathon, all teams will receive Yandex.Stations. The top three teams based on the results of the Olympiad will be invited to a tour of the Yandex office, they will be able to communicate with leading developers and experts of the company, and schoolchildren will also be able to visit the Yandex self-driving car test site. In addition to schoolchildren, their teachers will also receive awards. The mentors of the teams that won the super prize will receive a course on the development of soft skills from Yandex.Practice as a gift.

On September 13, 2021 "Yandex" announced opening of Fund of a name of the co-founder of the company Ilya Segalovich. The fund will bring together Yandex's non-profit educational projects, and will also support organizations and public initiatives that develop affordable and high-quality education in the field of mathematics and IT. The total amount of grants from the Foundation in 2022 will be 250 million rubles.

Yandex Textbook and the Segalovich Foundation launched an Olympiad in Informatics for schoolchildren