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We have created a unique video analytics system for city security

Our new solution, which uses a neural network and artificial intelligence, can not only instantly notice emergency situations, such as fires or accidents, but also predict their development. The first city to implement a comprehensive solution was the resort of Anapa, where up to 5 million tourists come annually.

The innovative video analytics system combines smart video cameras, a secure communication infrastructure and two different types of software solutions: software on smart video cameras with basic analytics elements and a neural network-based search algorithm that provides 99% identification accuracy. The system completely covers the center of Anapa and public places in the resort area.

The system automatically adds metadata to each video file - text descriptions that allow algorithms to instantly identify the necessary objects and events. If a child is lost, the metadata system - for example, 6 years old, dressed in a green shirt and blue jeans - will find him in a split second if he gets into the camera lenses. On video, such a search would take much longer, and without using the system - several days. Metadata, unlike a video archive, can be stored for many years, which helps, for example, to investigate crimes. The system instantly recognizes more than 3 million types of images - silhouettes, license plates, animals, etc. Thanks to the technology of time compression, the user of the system sees objects on the screen that have fallen into the shooting area at different moments and even on several different cameras.

According to the position of the object, the system is able to make a forecast of the development of the situation: for example, if it detects a person lying in a public place, it will assume that he needs help, and automatically report this to the dispatch service. If an accident occurs, it will notify dispatchers of the alarm without waiting for a call from the scene. Thanks to this, they will be able not only to help the participants in the accident faster, but also to prevent the formation of traffic jams. The system can help not only to respond in emergency situations, but also to ensure order: to detect unauthorized trade, spontaneous dumps and any other violations.

For the first time, a safe city solution has a completely closed circuit: a secure communication network with cryptographic protection, gateways and firewalls is connected to it. This allows even in the event of a physical attack on one of the nodes to protect the entire system as a whole. To implement the solution in the central part of Anapa, more than 50 km of fiber optic network were laid, 104 communication centers were placed and about 500 modern smart cameras were installed, which work with the same accuracy day and night. Information from the cameras is transmitted in encrypted form at a speed of up to 10 Gbit / s to the City Situational Analytical Center and the Data Processing Center (DPC) via a dedicated line. For the project in Anapa, a separate data center was created with domestic servers and software.

“MegaFon has accumulated extensive expertise in solutions for smart cities: we implemented the first project in 2014 in Sochi. In Anapa, for the first time, we presented a single product, combining both the hardware and the communications infrastructure with maximum protection, and the most advanced algorithms for analyzing and predicting the situation today. The complex product will help both public and private customers across the country to significantly speed up and simplify the solution of issues of public safety and comfortable life of citizens,” says Emin Antonyan, Commercial Director for the Development of Corporate and Government Segments.

Already, the complex ensures the safety of the unique nature reserve Plavni with an area of ​​13 km2. This is a swampy area, so fires often occur there. Now the reserve is under the constant supervision of smart cameras, each of which controls the perimeter for several hundred meters and in real time determines the source of fire. If smoke is detected, the complex instantly turns on the siren and transmits the information to the Unified Duty Dispatch Service.

We have created a unique video analytics system for city security