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The most monstrous AMD processor in 2022

At the end of this year, AMD will launch the new Epyc generation Genoa server processors based on the Zen 4 architecture on the market. The top model will be a 96-core CPU, and we can preview its capabilities right now.

Presumably, the tests passed Epyc 9654P with 96 cores and frequencies of 2.15-3.7 GHz. It has 384MB of L3 cache and is characterized by a TDP of 360W. It is also worth clarifying that the tests were passed by a system with two such CPUs.

In single-threaded mode, the results of the novelty are good, but there is no total dominance over competitors or predecessors. But server CPUs are not designed for single-threaded workloads. And in multi-threaded mode, the 96-core AMD monster reveals itself to the fullest.

The most monstrous AMD processor in 2022