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Hackers hacked Europe's largest missile manufacturer

Unknown hackers, acting under the nickname Adrastea, hacked into the database of the largest European missile manufacturer - MBDA, formed as a result of the merger of the French Aérospatiale-Matra Missiles, the British Matra BAe Dynamics and the Italian Finmeccanica-Leonardo. This was reported by Security Affairs.

The attackers' message about gaining access to the company's network appeared on one of the forums. As evidence, a link to an archive with demo files was attached.

The total amount of stolen data was estimated by hackers at 60 GB. “The uploaded data contains confidential and proprietary information about your company’s employees who took part in the development of MBDA closed military projects (PLANCTON, CRONOS, CA SIRIUS, EMADS, MCDS, B1NT, etc.) and about your company’s commercial activities in the interests of the Ministry of Defense European Union (design documentation for air defense systems, missile systems and coastal protection systems, drawings, presentations, video and photo (3D) materials, contract agreements and correspondence with other companies Rampini Carlo, Netcomgroup, Rafael, Thales, ST Electronics, etc. " wrote the hackers.

Adrastea is ready to discuss the cost of the stolen data array. MBDA has not yet commented on the incident.

MBDA manufactures a wide variety of missiles and related installations. For example, the company produces air-to-air missiles AIM-132 ASRAAM (short range, with IR guidance), MBDA Meteor (long range), MICA (medium range, with IR and radar guidance). The company's product range also includes surface-to-air missiles - Mistral (MANPADS), MBDA Aster (medium and long range), Aspide Mk.1 (medium range), Sea Wolf (SAM), anti-ship (Exocet, Otomat, Marte, Sea Skua) and anti-tank (ERYX, Brimstone, HOT) missiles.

Hackers hacked Europe's largest missile manufacturer