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Hyundai will close the plant in St. Petersburg

The Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus), which has been idle for more than six months, has already begun the conservation process, as reported by the Russian Automobile Telegram channel, citing its own sources at the enterprise.

From the Russian plant Hyundai (HMMR) they report: conservation has begun. A few days earlier, all the remaining cars (about one and a half thousand) were taken out of the factory, among which were not even fully assembled, well, in any case, according to the documents, they did not pass the final stage of acceptance.

"Russian car".

The layoffs of the employees remaining at the plant have not yet been announced - information about this is expected on October 27, since it was on the 27-28th of each month that the management again extended the downtime.

Hyundai cars have not been produced in Russia since March of this year - the St. Petersburg site has gone idle for an indefinite period due to a lack of components. Hyundai also suspended the reconstruction project of the former General Motors plant near St. Petersburg, bought in November 2020.

Hyundai will close the plant in St. Petersburg