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Upgraded BMP-2M armed with new missiles and kamikaze drone

The upgraded BMP-2 received long-range anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and loitering ammunition capable of staying in the air for a long time. A sample of the updated combat vehicle is being shown at the 12th International Exhibition of Land and Naval Weapons taking place in India. The car received the local name Sarath, it is produced under a Russian license.

The Spike LR ATGM in the land version has a range of up to 5500 meters and can operate in several modes. For example, according to the “fire and forget” principle, it is also possible to carry out adjustments during the flight of the ammunition, pointing at the most vulnerable places of the attacked object. Commands are transmitted via fiber optic cable. Finally, ATGMs can attack targets at pre-programmed coordinates.

The tandem warhead has high penetration, which makes it possible to fight tanks equipped with dynamic protection. Loitering ammunition PALM-1250 (HERO-1250) is a special version of the heavier kamikaze drone adapted for use with the BMP-2. They are made in a joint venture. It weighs 12 kg, while the warhead is 4.5 kg. The time spent in the air reaches 60 minutes. An electric motor is used, which creates less noise and thermal visibility.

At the same exhibition, a BMP-2 with an Israeli Rafael Samson II combat module with a 30-mm Mk44 Bushmaster II rapid-fire cannon and Spike LR ATGM is demonstrated.

Upgraded BMP-2M armed with new missiles and kamikaze drone