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Rostelecom opened the first data processing center in the Arctic zone of Russia

Rostelecom put into commercial operation a data processing center (DPC) in Murmansk. The new data center is the company's first infrastructure facility built in the Arctic zone of Russia.

The government of the Murmansk region acted as the anchor customer of the project. The agreement was signed a year ago.

The clients of the Arctic data center will be both the authorities of the region and business representatives. Customers will be able to rent racks or rack spaces to host their own equipment, access the data network, cloud services and current digital services.

The transfer of capacities to a single space will help to centralize and optimize the costs of maintaining its own IT infrastructure, as well as increase the reliability of its operation, the company noted. The first servers in the new data center to start working are the ones that receive data from cameras for photo and video recording of traffic violations.

Rostelecom's Arctic data center is equipped with fire extinguishing, air conditioning, dispatching, security alarm systems, an access control system and a diesel generator set in case of a power outage.

The capacity of the regional data center is 20 racks. In the event of an increase in demand, the project provides for a rapid expansion of the data center capacity.

In August, Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky told the media that the company would continue the program of building and developing regional data processing centers (DPCs) in various regions of the country.

Rostelecom opened the first data processing center in the Arctic zone of Russia