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Little-known startup promises to bring iMessage to Android

Apple has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to port iMessage to Android. However, third-party companies are making such attempts to facilitate interoperability between Android and iOS. There are already Beeper, BlueBubbles and AirMessage projects, although their success remains under big question. And now a startup called Sunbird is going to do the same, but get the job done.

Sunbird's software is still in the alpha stage, it is being tested in a closed mode, an invitation is required to participate. It reportedly won't launch at all for some testers.

It is noted that the new software will work in the cloud and broadcast messages from Android to iMessage and vice versa. Other programs, such as Beeper, allowed an Android smartphone to connect to a Mac, iPhone, or iPad as an external terminal, allowing you to send or receive messages via iMessage.

Sunbird has already shown a pre-recorded demo, but many questions from journalists have not yet been answered. And specialists from the Android Authority edition, although they got access to the system, but it did not work properly.

In addition, Sunbird wants to make the application a unified platform for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Signal, Telegram, Discord and even SMS. True, in this case, the application will receive a closed source code. In general, it remains to wait.

The closed beta is planned to be released by the end of this year, and the mass launch is expected in mid-2023.

Little-known startup promises to bring iMessage to Android