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Yandex laid out the Yatagan framework for free access

Yandex has released the Yatagan framework for free access, which makes it possible to speed up the assembly of applications on Android, the press service of the company told the Information Service a. The framework automatically generates code that links the parts of the application together. So, in Yandex Browser, it combines speech recognition modules, Alice, video translation and all other components.

Yatagan is useful for developers using the Dagger framework. The new framework uses the Dagger API, but has a number of advantages over it. For example, it generates less code and reduces build time. Then it can be applied to a smaller number of modules, namely parts of the application that are responsible for different functions. In addition, Yatagan has a special mode that links modules without generating code. This mode can be used during the development process, because it slightly slows down the launch of the application, but greatly speeds up the build. You can learn more about how Yatagan works and what gives you here.

Head of Mobile Development Department

“Initially, we created Yatagan for our own purposes. We were faced with the task of speeding up the assembly of applications such as Browser or Yandex with Alice. Then we studied the features of the work of Dagger and based on it we made our own framework. As a result, we were able to double the assembly time. This does not mean that everyone will get the same result: build speed depends on many factors. According to our estimates, on average, it can grow by 40-50 percent - and not only in such large applications as the Browser.

Yandex laid out the Yatagan framework for free access