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Runet Prize 2022 Laureates Announced

On December 13, the ceremony of presenting the national award "Runet Prize 2022" took place in Moscow. The award was presented in 6 main and 5 special nominations, as well as in 3 nominations of the People's vote. A total of 1135 applications were submitted, 57 organizations and projects became winners. Also this year, AI "helped" to choose the winners - in each nomination there is a category "AI choice".

Nomination "State and Society"

Federal Tax Service: Business Support Programs

Project "Explaining.RF", ANO "National Priorities"

Government of Moscow, Portal of the consumer of the city of Moscow

Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information (RAPSI). "Digital Law"

Documentary film "One of us: Hero of Russia Maxim Kontsov", Russian Guard

VINCI Agency and the Departmentrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow (AI choice)

Nomination "Economics and Business"

Moscow Transport Innovations Foundation

Company inSales

Finuslugi — mobile financial marketplace, AGIMA

SberMarket (AI choice)

Special Diploma: Made in Moscow.rf

Nomination "Health and Rest"

Project “HIV. Answers you (didn't) know." Agency "Infographics"

Cognitenok is a mobile application for the adaptation of children with autism

"Healthy food", Rospotrebnadzor

TV channel "DOCTOR" (AI choice)

Nomination "Science, technologies and innovations"


Rostelecom Information Technologies


"Digital Campus". School of Management SKOLKOVO

Project “Science. Territory of Heroes”, ANO “National Priorities” (AI choice)

Special project "Age of AI". Russian News Agency TASS

Nomination "Education and Personnel"


Government of Moscow, service for parents and students "Student Portfolio"

Sferum project

Internet project "Back to School?!", ANO "National Priorities"

New Media Workshop, Dialog ANO (AI choice)

Online platform "Clever Laboratory"

Nomination "Media and Mass Communications"


Project "What to do?",

Social networks of State Services (AI choice)

Editorial Board of the Parliamentary Television of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Nomination "Traveling in .RF"

"Sports Capitals"

"Oh My Hail. Theory of small things"


This is karelia.rf

open Crimea.rf

Nomination "Podcasts and digital content"

WWF Podcast How I Met a Polar Bear (AI Choice)

Storytel: Audio Series based on Katie Sapovich's Letters to Mom

Educational show "Learn in the blog", ANO "National Priorities"

Podcast "Burning hut"

Nomination "Tourism and hospitality industry"

"Avito. Real Estate"


Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Moscow Region (AI choice)

"A Special Look at the Golden Ring". Russian News Agency TASS

St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee

Nomination "Many peoples - One Motherland"

"Secrets of the Kulikovo field". Media group "Russia Today"

Documentary project #not all the same (AI choice)

Cycle of films "Legends of the Caucasus"

Guild of Interethnic Journalism

Street art project VK for Russian Flag Day

Nomination "Cultural projects on the Web"

Show ViL

Government of Moscow, project "Moscow: Immersion"

Super Grandfather Miniseries (AI Choice)

Hi-fi streaming "Sound" // Rambler&Co

The Runet Award is an annual award for the best (according to the award) companies and their projects and mobile applications on the Runet. The National Award for Contribution to the Development of the Russian Segment of the Internet is the only project in Russia that annually selects the “best of the best” in the field of high technologies and the Internet and is aimed both at uniting all industry players and at identifying current trends in the development of digital technologies. Awarded since 2004.

The organizer of the Runet Prize 2022 is the Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), the event is supported by the Ministry of Digital Development, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives and ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika. Partners: Coordination Center for .RU / .РФ domains, VK, Rostourism, "There are many peoples - one Motherland", "Avito". General information partners: TASS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, RIA Novosti, RBC, Business FM, 360,, ICT.Moscow, European Media Group holding, Novoe Radio, Paragraph, Project +1.

Runet Prize 2022 Laureates Announced