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Platforma launches geolayers marketplace

Platforma, a developer of business solutions based on big data, has opened a geolayers marketplace, a service for independent geoanalysis of the area and the interests of the local audience, the company's press service said. The service is already operating in 39 cities with a population of more than 500,000 people. For each city, more than 2,000 heat maps are available with various characteristics, such as the distribution of residents by age and sex composition, income level, interest in certain services and purchases, etc. By the end of the year, the marketplace will include data on 85 regional, regional and republican centers.

In addition to buying geolayers in your personal account, you can upload your own data to the system in order to include them in the analysis or monetize them by giving access to other users of the platform.

The geolayers marketplace operates as part of the geoanalytical service GEO.Platfroma, launched in the summer of 2020. The marketplace combines big data of the bank, telecom companies, classification, credit bureaus and more. The information is updated monthly or quarterly, depending on the information provider.

Geolayers offered on the marketplace are thermal maps of cities, divided into polygons 500 by 500 meters. For each polygon, an indicator is determined for one or another attribute. For example, where those who are interested in medical services live or have an above average income, or buy products for a healthy diet.

The service is aimed at development directors, geoanalysts of large companies that have their own retail network of offices, shops, dark stores, pickup points, etc., as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to them, the platform can be useful for those who are planning an outdoor advertising campaign. The cost of one layer ranges from 600 rubles for cities with a population of less than 1 million people to 12 thousand rubles for Moscow. With the help of the service, companies can choose the most promising locations for developing their business or plan the optimization of an existing network with a deep understanding of the characteristics of each site.

To solve the most popular tasks (for example, where to open a cafe or a beauty salon), GEO.Platforma specialists have formed “recipes”. A recipe is a pre-assembled set of geolayers that allows, among other things, using machine learning technologies, to answer the question in the most qualitative way. Usually there are 6-8 layers in the recipe.

Thus, the following layers were included in the recipe for opening a cafe: the distribution of men and women aged 20-45 with an average and higher income by place of work and place of residence; distribution of those who paid in cafes and restaurants at the place of residence; the amount of transactions in cafes and restaurants at the place of residence for the quarter; distribution of competitors on the map; the number of vacant commercial real estate objects; average cost of renting commercial real estate (per 1 sq.m); the total number of restaurants, cafes and bars. The cost of one prescription ranges from 3,000 rubles for cities with a population of less than 1 million people to 60,000 rubles for Moscow.

“High-quality geoanalytics allows businesses to significantly reduce potential losses when launching a new retail outlet. According to our estimates, the sunk investment due to an unsuccessful location can be 30-50%. For example, if you spend 1 million rubles when opening a beauty salon, you can lose about 300-500 thousand. At the same time, geoanalysis even on 5-8 layers, for which you can spend 50-80 thousand rubles without VAT for Moscow or 2.5-4 thousand for a non-millionaire city, can significantly reduce the risk of error when choosing a place for a future business, ”explains the general Director of Platforma Alexey Kashtanov.

In fact, the geo-marketplace works on a crowdsourcing model, when each user can improve and supplement the content of the service. In the personal account, it is possible to upload your own data to the system in order to take them into account when analyzing the selected geolayers. Along with this, the downloaded data can be monetized, that is, give other users the right to purchase a layer. The circle of potential buyers can be limited, for example, direct competitors can be excluded from it. The cost of geolayers uploaded by users will be the same as for heat maps from the creators of the marketplace. The platform platform commission will be 30%.

Platforma launches geolayers marketplace