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What is behind the growth of computer production in Russia?

Together with RSpectr, we summed up the results of the year in the segment of domestic production of PCs and peripheral equipment.

The production of PCs and their components, as well as computer peripherals, electronic and optical products in January-November 2022 in monetary terms increased by one and a half times - from 36.4 billion to 54.8 billion rubles. This is stated in the materials of Rosstat.

Head of Infrastructure Solutions at CROC IT Company

According to the results of last year, we can confidently speak about the increase in the production of domestic computer and peripheral equipment. The main driver of this process was the withdrawal of foreign manufacturers from the market, despite the continued and sometimes even increased demand. Growth in general occurred in the segment of systems, both assembled in Russia and assembled by contract manufacturing outside the country.

In his commentary to RSpectr, Alexander Sysoev emphasized that the main obstacle was sanctions that affected both manufacturers directly (for example, making it difficult to purchase finished components or equipment for their production) and sanctions on related industries (for example, logistics companies that had to look for new routes for the delivery of components and finished products).

In monetary terms, the market grew primarily due to the rise in the cost of finished products, as significant changes took place at each stage - both in terms of logistics and in terms of the cost of components and assembly.

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What is behind the growth of computer production in Russia?