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Second wave: Salesforce employees find out that they were laid off a month after it was announced

Almost a month after the announcement of massive layoffs at Salesforce, some of the company's employees learned that they, too, were laid off. All this time, people were sure that they would continue to work in the company and that they would not be threatened with dismissal.

As TechCrunch writes, after Salesforce announced it was cutting 10% of its workforce in early January, one could assume that everyone affected was informed at the same time. But on February 2, social networks were filled with messages from bewildered employees of the company, who suddenly became exes.

Salesforce explained that these layoffs are part of a planned staff reduction, plans announced in early January to part with 7 thousand people have not changed. For example, Salesforce's Irish office laid off 200 out of 2,100 employees, close to the announced rate of 10%. But there seems to be a lack of transparency in this whole story.

Earlier, the company's CEO Marc Benioff warned at an employee meeting that the sales department could be hit, as half of the sales department accounts for 96% of revenue, while the other half - only 4%.

Journalists believe that layoffs at Salesforce are the result of the activities of four “activist investors” who demand that the company cut costs. Elliott Management announced a multi-billion dollar investment in Salesforce last week. And in October 2022, Starboard Value acquired a significant stake in the company. Like two other “activists”, ValueAct and Inclusive Capital, they have infiltrated the company and influence its work: last Friday it was announced that three new members were attracted to the board of directors, which was most likely a tribute to the “activists”.

Against the backdrop of massive layoffs in IT giants, many note that there is practically no culture of layoffs in companies: often people found out that they no longer needed their services, having found their badge and access to work tools blocked; Amazon staged an absurd showcase day of silence on social media to express their regret; and Microsoft, on the eve of the announcement of staff cuts, held a private party for 50 people in Davos, where guests enjoyed Sting's live performance all evening, which was somewhat discordant with statements about "optimization" and "savings".

Second wave: Salesforce employees find out that they were laid off a month after it was announced