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Roscosmos in 2023 will begin to create a reusable rocket Korona

In 2023, JSC "GRC im. Makeev, together with the enterprises of Roscosmos, will begin to create a reusable launch vehicle Korona. It is assumed that the research work on the project will take about two years, TASS reports.

“Research work is aimed at confirming these and other technologies for creating a reusable single-stage launch vehicle, which is expected to be completed in 2023-2025 with the involvementerprises of the state corporation Roscosmos,” said the general designer of the GRC im. Makeev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Degtyar during a lecture at the Demidov Readings at the Ural Federal University.

According to him, the rocket will be designed for 100 applications and will have an extremely low cost of launching a payload into orbit.

“A feature that no launch vehicle in the world has is the ability to return a payload from orbit that is as commensurate as possible with the launch mass,” he added.

The launch weight of the missile will be 302-315 tons, height - 42.15 m, length - 38.07 m. launching a payload into low Earth orbits, as well as returning cargo to Earth from orbits up to 10,000 km high.

Roscosmos in 2023 will begin to create a reusable rocket Korona