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Intel offers new six-core CPU for $530

Intel has finally introduced its Sapphire Rapids generation Xeon processors, aimed at workstations and partly at ordinary consumers. We can say that this is a replacement for the Core X line, which has not been updated for many years, and at the same time competitors for the Ryzen Threadripper. At least in terms of positioning.

As we knew earlier, CPUs are divided into two lines: Xeon W-3400 and W-2400. The separation is similar to what was previously in a pair of Threadripper Pro, but now, we recall, AMD only offers the latter.

Let's start with the characteristics.

ProcessorNumber of cores/threadsFrequencies, GHzL3 cache, MBTDP, WPrice, USD .752001390Xeon W5-2455X12/243.2302001040Xeon W5-244510/203.1-4.626.25175840Xeon W3-24358/163.1-4.522.5165670Xeon W3-24256/123.0-4.4151331-312W31 4.215120360ProcessorNumber of cores/threadsFrequencies, GHzL3 cache, MBTDP, WPrice, USD -4.8753002890Xeon W7-345524/482.5-4.867.52702490Xeon W7-344520/482.6-4.852.52701990Xeon W5-3435X16/323.1-4.7452701590Xeon W5-342592/263.2-4 As you can see , the lines differ greatly in the number of cores, although they partially overlap. All cores in all models of the specified CPUs are large cores. At the same time, they are based on the architecture of Golden Cove, on which Alder Lake is also based. That is, Intel and AMD now have parity in this parameter, since the current Threadripper is also based on not the latest architecture (Zen 3). True, some rumors say that the Threadripper 7000 may come out at the end of this year, and the top models, like the Epyc Genoa, will receive 96 cores.

The new CPUs are manufactured according to the Intel 7 process technology, are offered in LGA 4677, support PCIe 5.0, DDR5-4800 (lower CPUs are limited to DDR5-4400), received a built-in Wi-Fi 6E module and four-channel (W-2400) or eight-channel (W-3400 ) RAM controller.

The processors are already available for pre-order from Intel industry partners, and ready-made systems will be available for sale in March. Whether at least junior CPUs will be sold separately in retail is unclear.

Intel offers new six-core CPU for $530