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Russia - The Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Prosecutor General's...

Russia - The Ministry of Digital Development has stated that it is monitoring the situation related to Wildberries. The agency supports the improvement of the service of fines and feedback from partners proposed by Wildberries. The Ministry of Digital Development told about this in its telegram channel.

The ministry said that even though the marketplace is struggling with the substitution of goods made by attackers at the points of issue of orders, a transparent control system is needed for the partners of the marketplace. And that this system should have the opportunity to challenge fines and sanction decisions.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, there were strikes at the pick-up points (POI) of the Wildberries marketplace, planned by the company's business partners throughout Russia. The strikes were associated with the introduction of a new system of fines by the marketplace in early March.

Under the new rules, employees had to withhold the full cost of the item if the buyer returns it due to a marriage or the wrong item was in the package.

Wildberries responded to the strike the next day, on Thursday, March 16, by suspending write-offs from the owners of partner pickup points for substituting goods and canceling about 10,000 fines.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation also stated that the marketplace will not impose new fines for the substitution of goods until it finalizes its control and arbitration system.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, will monitor the situation in the industry and ensure that the interests of all participants in electronic commerce, both buyers and partners of the site, are observed.

In addition to the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rospotrebnadzor and the Prosecutor General's Office are monitoring the situation. On March 14, she instructed to check publications regarding violations of the labor rights of employees of the Wildberries online store, including “illegal deductions from wages” of the employees themselves. The inspection will be carried out by the supervisory authority of the Moscow region.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov said that the specialists of his department are working with documents and statements of citizens about this incident. Depending on the results of this work, a joint decision will be made with the Prosecutor General's Office on an unscheduled inspection of the marketplace.

Russia - The Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Prosecutor General's...