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Moscow authorities plan to increase the number of rental scooters in the city by a third

The Moscow City Hall plans to issue 60,000 rental scooter permits in 2023, up from 40,000 such permits last year, the Izvestia newspaper writes. In this case, Moscow will take first place in the number of rental scooters in the world, beating Seoul and Berlin.

Participants of the kicksharing market told the newspaper about this. One of them said that plans to increase the quota for kicksharing operators were discussed at the city hall at the end of last year, and this week the authorities again mentioned 60,000 rental scooters. If the plans are implemented, then Moscow will have the largest fleet of scooters in the world, ahead of Seoul and Berlin - in these cities last year there were about 50,000 devices.

The publisher of the project, Yuri Nikolaev, says that 20,000 new scooters will appear in Moscow parking lots not immediately, but throughout the season. They will appear along with an increase in parking spaces, on which kicksharing services are working together with the city authorities.

Nikolaev notes that theoretically there may be more scooters, but the quotas for their rental must be limited. Without restrictions on parking spaces, chaos can arise, resulting in devices simply lying on the streets - this has already happened, for example, in China and the United States. In addition, the uncontrolled placement of scooters could potentially lead to the formation of a monopoly or duopoly in the market, says the publisher of the project.

Yandex.Taxi reported that they support such initiatives. Representatives of the company say that further growth in the popularity of scooters will be facilitated by the development of cycling infrastructure in Moscow.

Moscow authorities plan to increase the number of rental scooters in the city by a third