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Google is working on Gemini-powered AI assistant for Pixel 9 smartphones

According to The Information, Google has begun developing an AI assistant called Pixie based on Gemini. Most likely, it will be presented with the release of the Pixel 9 series smartphones.

The Pixie will be based on the base Gemini model. Google intends to use it to provide a more personalized experience with Google Assistant. The AI assistant will use data from Gmail, Maps and other Google services on your smartphone to perform various tasks.

At the same time, Pixie will not only answer questions, but also solve more complex problems, for example, suggest the nearest store where you can buy the product from the photo.

Google previously launched Assistant with Bard. It will be available to some select testers in the coming months. The company also said that the Bard-based assistant can be installed “optional.”

The tech giant recently made Gemini available to developers and businesses through Google Studio and Google Cloud Vertex AI so they can harness the power of AI to their advantage. It also introduced several new models into the Vertex AI ecosystem, expanding its toolset for developers and enterprises. These new features include an updated text-to-image tool, Imagen 2, specialized core models such as MedLM tailored for the healthcare industry, and a generally available version of Duet AI for both developers and security teams.

The current version of Gemini Pro has a 32 KB context window, and future versions are expected to make it larger. Gemini Pro software development kits (SDKs) are available in a variety of programming languages.

Currently, developers have free access to Pro Vision through Google Studio, limited to 60 requests per minute. Vertex AI users can explore the same models with similar limitations for free until general availability in early 2024.

In December, Google announced the launch of Gemini models. The lightweight Gemini Nano is designed to run on Android devices, Gemini Pro will power many Google services, and Gemini Ultra will be designed for data centers and enterprise applications. Google's Bard chatbot is already powered by Gemini Pro.

In addition to Gemini Pro, Google released version 1.0 with Gemini Nano on the Pixel 8 Pro model, and Gemini Ultra is scheduled for release in 2024.

It was also reported that Google is developing “Project Ellmann,” which should help users view their life stories. As part of the project, Gemini will process various types of data from several sources, including search results and Google Photos.

Google is working on Gemini-powered AI assistant for Pixel 9 smartphones