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Baidu and Huawei sign environmental cooperation agreement

Baidu (Google's Chinese rival) and Huawei have signed an environmental cooperation agreement that focuses on navigation, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Huawei's smart cockpit technology.

The collaboration aims to improve navigation and travel by enhancing Baidu Map functionality in Huawei's smart cockpit. Comprehensive features such as full voice interaction, lane-level navigation, in-dash/head-up display (HUD) navigation information, personalized navigation voice packs and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity are mentioned.

Another notable feature of Baidu Maps is traffic light countdown and real-time parking navigation, covering millions of parking spaces. Mapping services will be gradually integrated into vehicles equipped with Huawei Smart Cockpit, such as the Luxeed S7 or Aito M9.

Baidu and Huawei sign environmental cooperation agreement