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Tesla Cybertruck Owners Disappointed with Range, Charging Speed and Noise

A Cybertruck owner forum user shared his experience of using a Cybertruck, which he has driven for more than 16,000 km.

He said the Cybertruck is generally comfortable to use, but its range and charging speeds are disappointing. Currently, when fully charged, the Cybertruck can only travel up to 330 km, and if the battery is 80% charged, the range will be about 263 km.

Of the 16,000 km, 70% was covered on highways and the remaining 30% on city roads, including one long trip of over 2,400 km. Average energy consumption after 9,944 miles was 599 Wh/mi. The dashboard energy consumption reading was as low as 290 Wh/mi during conservative city driving, but sometimes soared to 900 Wh/mi on the highway.

Cybertruck owners confirm that the charging system is very slow and can take two hours to fully charge (at fast charging stations). When charging at home, car owners usually set the charging limit at 90%. When using Tesla's third generation wall charger, which charges at 32A or 48A, it takes 8-14 hours to fully charge.

This owner also encountered some issues, such as the home screen turning black when the battery was low, requiring a tow truck to be sent to a Tesla service center for repairs. In addition, the "safe" in the cargo area is not waterproof, and the driving noise was found to be too loud.

On the positive side, the sound system was "excellent" and praise was given to seat ventilation, road visibility, handling, acceleration, vehicle speed and ride-by-wire systems.

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Disappointed with Range, Charging Speed and Noise