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Apple sold about 180 thousand Vision Pro in three days of pre-orders

Apple managed to sell about 180 thousand Vision Pro augmented reality headsets in three days from the start of pre-orders in the United States, Engadget reports, citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

At the end of last week, an analyst claimed that Apple had prepared only 60-80 thousand headsets in the first batch. However, now, according to his estimates, the number of pre-orders has reached 180 thousand units.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, within a matter of hours from the start of pre-orders, the estimated wait for the Apple Vision Pro increased to 5-7 weeks. The analyst says that when a new generation of iPhone is released, estimated delivery times increase within 48 hours from the moment orders begin to be accepted, but this did not happen in the case of the headset. In his opinion, this may indicate a decline in demand in the future, while Apple managed to satisfy the primary demand.

Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the device remains quite complex to manufacture, so reports from Chinese manufacturer Luxshare that it will continue to operate overtime during the Chinese Lunar New Year should not be taken as a sign of high demand for headsets in the future. It won't be difficult for Apple to release 500 thousand Vision Pros during 2024, but the question of how quickly they will be sold out remains open.

The analyst says the headset will continue to be a niche product. This is also indicated by the fairly high price of Vision Pro.

Apple opened pre-orders for the headset on January 19. The base version costs $3,499, the model with 512 GB internal storage will cost $3,699, and the version with 1 TB storage will cost $3,899. At the moment, the device can only be purchased in the USA.

Apple sold about 180 thousand Vision Pro in three days of pre-orders