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Xiaomi SU7 price will be...

It seems that Xiaomi really cannot decide on the price of its first car called Xiaomi SU7 until the last moment.

Users vying with each other to ask the head of the company, Lei Jun, how much the car will cost, to which he recently replied that he is not going to rush. The head of the company will make a decision after thorough testing, adding that quality is the top priority for Xiaomi.

Lei Jun said that the car will definitely not cost 99,000, 149,000 or even 199,000 yuan ($13,800, $20,700 or $27,700). He noted that the options voiced by fans sound funny, and also added that the price would indeed be a little high.

Today, Lei Jun added on his official Weibo: “Xiaomi Motors' goal is to become one of the top five automakers in the world through 15 to 20 years of hard work. Strive for inclusive growth."

Lei Jun also launched a poll on Weibo today allowing netizens to vote for the most beautiful car priced up to $70,000. At the same time, Xiaomi SU7 will not participate in the voting. At the time of publication, the Audi A6 received the most votes.

Xiaomi SU7 price will be...