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“At the moment everything with the keys is tragic”

After many automakers left Russia in 2022 and dealers disconnected from proprietary software, many car owners were faced with the impossibility of making a new or additional key for their car. Time passed, but the situation did not change in any way.

“At the moment, everything is tragic with the keys,” said an Audi dealer representative. He added that keys cannot be made. A BMW dealer representative said that fulfilling an order for a new key through an importer would never be possible.

A Mercedes representative said that at the moment it is only possible to block a lost key, but not order a new one. Volkswagen said that communication with the server for registering new keys happens only sporadically. But even taking this into account, it is still impossible to make a key: you cannot order the “blank” itself.

“At the moment everything with the keys is tragic”