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Cadillac sales in the US increased

Last year, Cadillac's U.S. sales rose 9.3% to 147,214 units. That brought it back to pre-pandemic levels, meaning Cadillac has surpassed Acura and Volvo.

Interestingly, the best-selling Cadillac car in the world was the sedan, namely the CT5, whose sales grew by 23.7%. This is a bit surprising since Americans prefer the Escalade and snapped up 41,689 units last year, more than double the number of CT5s sold during the same period. However, Cadillac sedans had their best year in America since 2018. Moreover, sales of the CT4-V and CT5-V increased by 20% and 31%, respectively.

Cadillac's John Roth said the company sold 9,154 units of the Lyriq in the United States. More than 3,800 of them were delivered in the fourth quarter. Roth added that he doesn't see any impediments to sales at this point, and they now have enough inventory to boost sales even further.

The Lyriq became the "best-selling compact luxury electric vehicle with a 33.5% retail share." It is also worth noting that the crossover outsold the Audi Q4 e-tron, if you do not take into account the Sportback variant.

Cadillac sales in the US increased