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At launch, Apple Vision Pro cannot be fully used without an American Apple ID

Apple has warned those who plan to purchase Apple Vision Pro in the US and use it in their country about a number of restrictions. Thus, for some applications to work, you will need an American Apple ID, and technical support for Vision Pro will only work in the USA.

The FAQ on the Vision Pro pre-order page lists the operating conditions for the headset:

interface, text input, dictation and Siri in English;

The App Store requires an American Apple ID with a region;

An American Apple ID is required for purchases on Apple Music and TV;

Zeiss will accept lens prescriptions written by US ophthalmologists and ship to US regions only;

Vision Pro technical support is available in the USA only.

For now, pre-orders for the headset are limited to the US only, but Apple says the device will be available in other regions soon. MacRumors suggests that the Vision Pro will launch outside the US around June, closer to WWDC 2024, with Canada and the UK being the first two countries where the headset will be sold.

On January 19, Apple opened pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro headset. The base model will cost the buyer $3,499, the version with 512 GB internal storage will cost $3,699, and the option with 1 TB storage will cost $3,899. Additional options can bring the cost of the gadget up to $4800.

The headset comes with a number of accessories, including a headband strap, a battery, a screen wipe, a power supply, and a USB-C charging cable. Additional options can be purchased separately.

At launch, Apple Vision Pro cannot be fully used without an American Apple ID