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Monster Hunter Rise won't launch on Steam Deck - new DRM may be to blame

After the latest update, Monster Hunter Rise no longer launches on Steam Deck. As Internet users and foreign portals suggest, Capcom removed the Denuvo anti-piracy protection from the game and replaced it with Enigma, which was the cause of the problems. The company itself does not provide specific explanations.

Capcom has confirmed that Steam Deck users are having difficulty launching Monster Hunter Rise following the latest update. The game development team is already working on this problem and promises to fix everything in the near future. In its statement, the company did not indicate what exactly led to the problems.

The Internet suggests that Capcom simply did not check Enigma's compatibility with the Steam Deck before launch. However, there are games with Enigma that run on Valve's portable console. Some users blame another DRM, Obsidium, for the problems.

In mid-January of this year, players also suspected Capcom of adding the Enigma system to the Steam version of Resident Evil Revelations, seeing characteristic signs of a defense mechanism in the game files. The update led to numerous serious problems with the game, including crashes. Then the company also did not confirm the replacement of the DRM system with Enigma.

Monster Hunter Rise won't launch on Steam Deck - new DRM may be to blame