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Seagate Exos 30 TB hard drive with Mozaic 3+ technology introduced

Seagate representatives have a new Exos hard drive with a capacity of 30 TB, using its own Mozaic 3+ technology. Exos 30 TB is an enterprise-grade device

The key to this high density lies in several technological advances. Mozaic 3+ replaces traditional iron alloy magnetic media with smaller, denser platinum alloy elements. This allows you to store more data in one physical space.

However, writing and reading data at this scale creates additional challenges. To solve this problem, Mozaic 3+ uses a laser-assisted recording process in which a focused beam heats specific areas to facilitate the formation of magnetic bits. This method requires less energy than traditional methods.

Reading these densely packed bits requires extreme precision. Mozaic 3+ uses a highly sensitive magnetic reader that can detect subtle changes in magnetism representing each bit. In addition, a powerful RISC-V controller ensures precise head positioning and high-speed data processing.

In addition to its impressive capacity, the Exos 30TB boasts lower power consumption, making it attractive to data centers focused on energy efficiency. Although they are currently aimed at businesses, consumer versions are expected to appear in the future.

Seagate plans to increase capacity to more than 50 TB in the near future.

Seagate Exos 30 TB hard drive with Mozaic 3+ technology introduced