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Flutter movement from Surf - February 19-22, 2024, online

We invite you to an intensive course from the Surf Flutter team. These will be four busy days of development - a meetup, a practical task, a quiz and an award ceremony. We will invite the best for an internship at Surf.

Maxim, Flutter Developer

When using an application, the first thing your user encounters is the interface. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that it is usable and displays correctly for all types of devices from the iPhone SE to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

During the lecture we will deal with adaptive and “fluid” layout, talk about errors that occur when rendering your widgets and ways to prevent them.

Kirill, Flutter Developer

Have you ever wondered in what form the data from the server gets to the application? How can two completely incompatible technology stacks communicate with each other?

Let's get answers to these questions, supporting them with clear analogies from life, and see what popular approaches to solving this problem are widely used in the context of Flutter.

Samir, Flutter Developer

Skipping the basics and immediately moving on to solving applied problems is, unfortunately, a common practice. However, knowing the basics in general, and collections in particular, will not only make it easier for you to solve various problems, but will also make you a stronger developer compared to others.

We’ll tell you about the main ones, examples from real Surf cases, and answer all your questions.

We will publish a Flutter development task in the chat. No spoilers here: let's just say that one of the most interesting tasks of all the tests that have ever been in Surf.

We take a quiz on knowledge of the intricacies of Dart and Flutter, and give prizes to the best. Experts, meanwhile, check the assignments and give feedback on them.

We announce the results of the intensive, announce nominations and analyze common mistakes, share opinions on the work.

— You will try your hand at real practical problems.

— You will improve your skills and understand your growth areas.

— Get a chance to get an internship at Surf.

It’s also an exchange of experience with the cool guys from Surf, who will dive into specific topics and share their practices of working with the framework.

We will communicate via telegram chat in micro-community format. Access to the chat will remain forever: you can exchange all sorts of useful things and skills and stay in touch with Surf.

Register by February 15th. The day before the event we will send you a link to join and all the details.

Flutter movement from Surf - February 19-22, 2024, online