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R-Style Softlab has released a new version of the module for working with SMEV4

R‑Style Softlab, a software development company and system integrator, part of the Rosselkhozbank group, has released an update to the module for interaction with the GIS “RS‑Connect. Checking the validity of the passport.” The new version of the module allows you to automatically check the passports of individual clients using the Ministry of Internal Affairs database through the external system SMEV4 (System of Interdepartmental Cooperation). Verification allows you to verify the information of an identity document and understand whether the passport is valid.

Checking passports for validity is one of the most pressing requests for information that banks turn to government agencies. The request is included in the top 10 service connections of banks to SMEV (System of Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction), along with regulatory service for requests from the FSSP, extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs and others. Not only banks, but also insurance companies and microfinance organizations can take advantage of the SMEV opportunities.

The fourth version of the Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction System differs from the third version in the increased speed of information exchange and the absence of requirements for participant systems. The system's consumers' request enters the owner's data showcase, and the response is prepared automatically on the display side.

Deputy Director of the Development Department R-Style Softlab

“SMEV4 is fundamentally different from SMEV3, so connecting to the fourth version of the system implies new settings. The Bank needs to make an organizational connection to SMEV4, configure an Agent on its side to connect to the corresponding SMEV4 Showcase. We can help with this by providing consulting services.”

The main features of the new functionality of the module “Checking the validity of a passport” are the formation of an electronic request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to verify a passport and receiving a response through the SMEV Showcase 4 “Checking the validity of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation” (productive environment 1.4).”

Updating the “RS‑Connect. Checking the passport for validity" allows the organization to ensure effective implementation of the requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to reliably and quickly obtain the necessary information through SMEV 4 and to minimize the risks of non-fulfillment of requirements for checking the client’s passport. For customers who have previously used the RS‑Connect. Checking the passport for validity" to interact with SMEV3, minimal settings will be required: the integration part between the module and the systems does not change when switching from SMEV3 to SMEV 4.

Deputy Director of the Development Department R-Style Softlab

“SMEV 4 is a next-generation system, which is created using a fundamentally new architecture. We quickly finalized our module, providing customers with the opportunity to check the validity of passports online through SMEV 4 and follow the regulator’s recommendations.”

Module “RS‑Connect. Checking passport validity" is one of the connectors presented on the RS‑Connect PRO platform. Using connectors, banks and other financial organizations can check the information provided by the client for correctness, receive various client information, and also check it against lists (PDL, bankrupt, etc.) and transfer mandatory information.

The user interface of RS‑Connect modules is implemented in accordance with the Human‑Centered Design methodology (HCD, GOST R ISO 9241–210–2012 “Human-Centered Design of Interactive Systems”) and meets modern requirements for ergonomics and usability.

The platform for online interaction with government information systems (GIS) RS-Connect PRO 2.0 operates on a domestic technology stack and is included in the register of domestic software.

You can learn more about interaction with GIS on February 8 at the webinar “How banks can obtain information about clients from government information systems.”

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R-Style Softlab has released a new version of the module for working with SMEV4