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Yandex.Food created its own island in Fortnite

Yandex.Food was the first Russian brand to create its own island in Fortnite. The game is a game of hide and seek in a food court where you can turn into a pizza, a burger, a delivery robot or a branded yellow courier bag.

The island is made in the shape of a spiral from the Yandex.Food logo; it is a map with restaurants and recognizable references to the service.

Anyone can join the map using the code 0617-7769-8910 or through the project website. The company also launched its Discord server, where gamers can find out island news and find partners to play with.

In the game, a team of props competes against hunters. The task of the former is to hide, but not stay in one place for long, and the second is to find all the members of the opposing team within a given time.

On the food court map you can search for restaurants and collect pizzas and other dishes to get extra points. In addition, soon in Yandex.Food, in honor of the launch of the island, dishes for gamers will appear: “Battle Royale” dumplings, “Katka” rolls, “Lut-Dog” hot dogs and other food.

In December, it became known that Yandex had re-registered its applications on Google Play and the App Store to a Serbian company. We are talking about the applications “Yandex.Drive”, “Yandex.Food”, “Yandex.Go”, “Yandex.Market”.

Yandex.Food created its own island in Fortnite