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Stylish Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen announced that the Arteon liftback (this is a more stylish version of the Passat and with a different body type) is no longer produced. The Arteon was never a bestseller in Europe or the US, but it offered an alternative design and body style. And now the car has been retired - following the Passat sedan.

At the same time, the Arteon station wagon remains in service for now - it will be produced until 2026. That is, in this regard, the situation with the current Passat, which is presented exclusively as a station wagon, is repeated.

Nevertheless, the Passat sedan still remains in the Volkswagen range, just not European or American, but Chinese. The car there is called Magotan, and the updated Magotan 2024 should go on sale in the coming months.

Stylish Volkswagen Passat